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Gelsosomo's Pizza for a Purpose

Join Gelsosomo's Pizza for a Purpose, a unique fundraising program designed to support your cause while delighting your community with our delicious pizzas. Whether it's for schools, sports teams, or local charities, our program turns every pizza sold into funds for your goals. Easy to organize and fun to participate in, let Gelsosomo's help you make a difference one slice at a time.


Turn Fundraising into Flavorful Fun


Introducing the Gelsosomos Pizzeria FUNdraising Program – a fantastic opportunity for organizations of all kinds to generate funds for their needs. Our program is designed to be user-friendly, offering a delicious product that practically sells itself. Our individual, uncooked 7-inch pizzas, wrapped and ready for the freezer, provide a convenient snack or an easy dinner option. Perfect for gatherings and a hit at parties!

Members of your organization can contribute by selling these high-quality, freezer-wrapped pizzas in cheese, sausage, and pepperoni varieties to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. The process is swift, with orders typically available for pickup in as little as 7-10 days from the time of submission.

Your organization has the flexibility to set a suitable price for the pizzas, with a recommended pricing of $7 per pizza or 3 for $20. Cost per pizza to your organization is only $3.50! Join us in making fundraising not only effective but also delicious!

How it works

  • Download the Pizza Order Form from our website.  
  • Call Gelsosomo's to discuss details and schedule your pick-up date.
  • Pass along the order forms and pick-up information to your organization’s members so they can start selling. (We find that 1-2 weeks of sales time works best). Be sure your sales force collects the proceeds as they sell and have checks made payable to your organization. 
  • Once all order forms are turned in, call Gelsosomo’s with your total number for each type of pizza, and we’ll start preparing your order.
  • Pick up your order on your scheduled pick-up date. Payment is due at pick-up and can be made with cash or a business check made payable to Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria. 

Start Your Fundraiser with Gelsosomo's

Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria is committed to helping you reach your fundraising goal!  Contact us today to schedule your next FUNdraiser. 

Please download the PDF today.